Thoughts From a Seahawks Fan on Super Bowl Eve

Y'all. I have not been able to concentrate all week. Unless you're something Seahawks-related, I'm not really f'ing with you this week. I'm sorry. My focus is failing me.

Does this team even understand what it's done to this city?

The energy on the streets is different this week. Everyone is smiling, high-fiving strangers, starting random SEA! HAWKS! chants, doling out thumbs up & nods of approval at one another's Seahawks attire. The city is alive, and blue and green is coursing through its veins. The undeniable adrenaline is what's making it so damn hard to do anything else.

Photo by Joshua Trujillo for Seattle P-I Seahawks Facebook covers

This season was a roller coaster. Nobody expected the Seahawks to make it back to the Super Bowl except for the 12s. Why would they? Nobody's ever done that before. That seems to be the outdated and horribly out-of-touch M.O. of a league that doesn't seem ready for a team like the Seahawks to be so dominant. Too young. Too short. Too inexperienced. "F" grade. Fifth-round picks. Too mouthy. Not mouthy enough. Not black enough. Even for a team that proved themselves by going all the way last year, the league doesn't seem to want the Seahawks to succeed. The national media announcers' commentary through every game will tell you everything they think about the Seahawks in so many words.

If they don't support our team, we'll just have to support them more.

Not that it's hard to. These guys are so damn easy to love. Uncle Pete (Carroll) runs the kind of ship any Seattleite can get behind: be yourself, work hard, keep things positive, and love your teammates. The national media stay trying to call them thugs for talking too much or not talking enough, but we know better. Their philanthropic efforts are bountiful and genuine; they love their team but they also love and support their communities, here and in their hometowns. They're just good dudes the whole city can be proud of.

And goddamn can they play some football!

I normally keep things all positive here, but I have to say, I feel sorry for all the candy that isn't Skittles. I wonder what those sales look like this week, especially here. I feel sorry for the people calling any 12th fan a 'bandwagoner' - for every one of those, there are at least a dozen more who'll happily give you a high-five for that blue and green. Why be that unhappy or worked up over someone else's happiness anyway? I feel sorry for Troy Aikman, Joe Buck & every commentator who loves picking against the Seahawks at all times. I feel sorry for non-Seahawks fans living in Seattle. I feel sorry for any non-football fan following me on Twitter. I feel sorry and send good vibes to anyone using the "Anyone but Seattle" phrase or hashtag. I need you to know that this energy and excitement is all love, and if your team were in the Super Bowl, I'd hope you'd feel just as high.

You need to watch this. Marshawn is a national treasure.

I am so grateful to to be a Seattleite and a Seahawks fan. I'm so excited for tomorrow I can hardly stand it. GO HAWKS!!!