Fresh Ride: Cadillac ELR

Back in February, I had what you might call a "Fleet Week" but with cars. The Chevy Volt team was kind enough to give me the Volt to tote around in for a few days, followed directly by a couple of days test driving the Cadillac ELR. If the Volt was more my every day style, I'd definitely consider the ELR my special occasion kinda hybrid.

The ELR is straight fancy. Bose speakers, top-of-the-line interiors (like cut & sewn accent leather, suede, chrome, wood & carbon fiber finishes), rearview camera, plush seats and heated steering columns & seats - like champagne wishes and caviar dreams, y'all. I've always been lowkey (read: nondescript) with the kinds of cars I drive, and I wasn't prepared to answer all the questions and comments about the ELR as I drove it around town!

The ELR is loaded with features - rearview camera, eight air bags, programmable battery charging schedule, safety alerts/warnings (forward collision, lane departure, side blind zone) as well as the Cadillac CUE Navigation system, which you can program almost every function and then some (including recognizing your voice!)

One of the biggest downfalls about hybrids is that power is often sacrificed in the name of efficiency. I was curious about the ELR's power, and decided to take it out on 90 for a jaunt out to Snoqualmie Falls. I'm happy to say both the ELR and the Falls had a lot of power that day!

Thank you Cadillac! Check out more details and pricing on the ELR here.