Fresh Ride: Chevy Volt

While my Toyota Highlander adventures brought me to central California, I also had the opportunity to experience the Chevy Volt right here at home for a few days. The Volt is right up my alley; as a current hybrid driver, I was curious to see how its battery power, low emissions and overall power improved on what I've already got. I drove it around during a typical week, to and from meetings, workouts, errands and special events.

The Volt definitely has some power in it! It drives electric-only for 38 miles then goes into hybrid mode from there, but the transition is seamless and while it's quiet, it doesn't feel like it's lacking speed or power.

The driver's console of this particular Volt is two-toned and really driver-friendly. There are USB ports in the middle console that allow you to charge your phone and access the car's bluetooth capability for music and more. The first thing I do when I get in the car is figure out what I'm going to listen to, so this was super-handy and simple; no fussing around with it while driving! The driver's panel was really straightforward for a newer hybrid; I say this because I feel like there's almost too many options and buttons in some of the newer models. The Volt's panel wasn't distracting or overwhelming at all - in fact, it's almost too easy to get settled and ready to go. I don't know if I'll ever get used to starting a car by pushing a button instead of putting the key into the steering column!

Majah Layzah

Probably my favorite part of the Volt was its excess of legroom and space. For a car that looks seemingly compact on the outside, there's a LOT of storage and room to move on the inside! Peep the backseat, whose middle console can clearly hold plenty, still stash your Big Gulps and leave way for the roomy trunk! I packed a lot of groceries in there and if he could've, my dog would have been bouncing all around back there (dogs not allowed in test drive loaner cars :))

Thanks for keeping me fly while driving through my city, Chevy Volt!

For details and pricing, visit the Chevy Volt site.