#100ThingsICRAVE w/ The CRAVE Company & Fresh Jess!

Have you shared 100 things you CRAVE with Melody, CRAVE Company and its new Urban Campout community yet? You should! I'm sharing some of mine this week over on CRAVE's blog and newsletter. 

I had the honor of joining Melody on a beta run of her Urban Campout retreat. What is Urban Campout, you ask? In a total revamp of CRAVE and its programs, Melody rolled out the popular Urban Campfire series - an annual conference supplemented throughout the year with smaller dinners and other get-togethers. Urban Campfires are events for women to share, be vulnerable and get inspired by other women. The big annual conference is a full day of TED-like 10-minute talks with group chat sessions in between.

Urban Campout spun off of Urban Campfire. It's the name of both the online community CRAVE is launching, and the in-city retreats Melody will be leading starting later this year. Urban Campout the online community is designed for us to continue cultivating the connections and relationships we've made at Urban Campfire and other events. Haven't been to an event? Not to worry! The online community is a great place to start.

#100ThingsICRAVE is an exercise we did at the Urban Campout retreat. While thinking of 100 things you CRAVE might sound daunting, it's really not that hard once you break it down into categories. In today's CRAVE newsletter, I'm sharing the things I CRAVE in personal style and fashion. Later on, you'll see my CRAVEings in health/wellness, connections and indulgences.

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Thanks for having me CRAVE! Super honored to be part of this community and sharing my CRAVEs with all of you. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or tweet me!