Fresh Reads: Seahawks Edition

I can't get enough of all the Seahawks media coverage post NFC championship and leading up to the Super Bowl. I'm a voracious reader and would have to say that 85% of all the articles I've read these past two week have been about the Seahawks in some way, shape or form. I'm learning so much about this team and the individual talents that make it up, and loving them that much more after each read. Oh my God, there's so much to sift through, but I've rounded up some of my favorites here. If you've got some time on this fine Saturday, kick back and learn why we love our boys like we do.

ESPN's "The adoration of Russell Wilson" captures perfectly how I (and many other Seattleites) feel about our QB. I'm so proud this human being is the face of our team and I pray to God Niketown Seattle doesn't put him on top of their store building, thus cursing our city by driving him away eventually.

This nerd loved this breakdown on USA Today of Richard Sherman's life, infographic-style. They forgot to mention all of the stats he's #1 in this season though :/. The media attention around Sherman after the NFC Championship was insane and filled with so much hate and negativity. I loved reading the commentary around what the internet's reaction to Richard Sherman teaches us about ourselves, especially from Sally Jenkins at The Washington Post and Rembert Browne at Grantland.

The Legion of Boom waxing poetic on their bond:

Earl Thomas will be wearing these extremely fly Jordan cleats on Sunday. I'm not a big Jordan but these are sick! Not only is dude mad stylish, he's an excellent writer too. Check out his Area 29 blog on, with his recent post on thoughts after the NFC Championship game.

Doug Baldwin might be my favorite undercover firecracker on a team of undercover firecrackers. I mean, he's part Filipino (PILIPINOS!) but he also wears that chip ('boulder') on his shoulder proudly. He's been on a tear ever since he went undrafted, picked up by the Seahawks in 2011. Now he's one of our brightest stars. Don't call him a pedestrian!

Wanna know how I know you're a Seattle nerd? When you sport Google Glass at Media Day. Peep Golden Tate's GG experience over at Bleacher Report.

Marshawn Lynch pretty much dominated this week's coverage with his lack of interest in being involved with the media in any way, shape or form. Here's his mom talks raising Beast Mode & keeping it real with The Seattle Times. She reminds me a lot of my mama!

A couple of interviews Marshawn obviously enjoyed: talking candy with NFL Japan, and this amazing segment for SportScience:

Let's end this post with a remix of Marshawn's Media Day interview with Deion Sanders, featuring Geo from Blue Scholars: