Fit & Fresh: Taking It Indoors w/ adidas

Last Friday, we ended our summer season of 6:00a.m. workouts in the Sculpture Park. While getting up and getting to class has been supremely difficult lately, I'm definitely going to miss the early-morning butt-kickings in the beautiful (almost) waterfront setting. What's a girl to do now that the temps are dropping and her outdoor workout sessions are over? These days I'm all about looking for ways to refresh my indoor workout routines.

I froze my gym membership because of my group workouts, and going back there is the least interesting option to me. I can do most of what I'd do there, in my complex's gym or at home. How else can I work out? In a year full of new (read: healthy, fit) lifestyle changes, it only seems fit to explore other ways I can work up a sweat. Here are a few of my favorite indoor workouts I've been doing more of this year:

If you're following me on Twitter or Instagram, you know I've become a big fan of Zumba this year. This is entirely due to the fact that my best friend is a certified instructor and also my favorite dancing buddy. I never thought I'd be into Zumba, but when I'm dancing and doing high knees to Major Lazer, time flies and I'm having the time of my life! I try to go as often as possible, and now that it's colder outside, I'll be Zumba-ing my days/nights away a lot more often.

Hot yoga is the best compliment to all of my other workouts. Nothing like a good set of stretches in some serious heat to center you, challenge you and relax you - AT THE SAME TIME. I wish I could do it more, but, well, there's other fun workouts to do too. 

I traveled a lot this summer and thus needed to get my workout in by any means necessary. I wanted to run this trail that ran across the river adjacent to my hotel, but I couldn't figure out how to get on it from the hotel! Haha. So I took to the treadmill, weights and mat for some good circuit training before work.

I have Flywheel, CrossFit, kickboxing, aerial something (trapeze, yoga, etc.) and so much more on my list to try. Follow me and adidas in our quest to refresh indoor workouts though the #NeverHibernate  hashtag on Instagram!

Are there any indoor workouts you're looking forward to trying soon?

Special thanks to adidas for hooking me up with all of this fly gear to keep me fit & fresh! I've been wearing my adipure 360 trainer shoes all summer. They work so great on pretty much any surface, whether that's hitting the pavement for a run, hiking to Mason Lake or getting a good round of Zumba in.

adidas Women designs innovative performance products to help women commit to their best self and conquer their fitness goals. We inspire women to look and feel their best - be pretty, be tough & be confident.

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