Let It Go

This phrase has been popping up a lot in my life lately. So much so that it's stuck with me, like it's asking me to reflect on it. It's definitely been a busy and stressful few weeks full of changing times. Wrapping up work with my biggest client, figuring out what's next, working out a lot and trying to adhere to a superfood diet. I take on a lot and I know it. (See also: Jessie Spano moments.)

My reiki teacher/friend Rachel taught me that sometimes the pain and sickness we bear is a manifestation of imbalances in our lives. I often will get pain in my shoulders and neck, which usually means I'm taking on the 'weight of the world' (a.k.a. doing too much.) I've been under the weather this week with that familiar shoulder pain coupled with major sinus pain. I know some of this is due to seasonal allergies, but I also have no doubt that my body's giving me a little nudge to do some reflection.

Image via Pinterest

While I've had amazing consulting clients so far who've taught me worlds about...everything, I find myself itching to do something different. LUNA events will help, but I'm yearning to take on more writing gigs too. It's not the end of my consultant days by any means, but it is a clear sign to remember to focus on only doing the things I truly, truly want to do. I also still struggle with being rigid about saying "no," especially when it comes to stuff I'm pitched as a blogger. I always want to help however I can, which isn't great for discerning what's best for me and what works for Fresh Jess.

It's time to let go of taking on too much.

Let go of the fear of not being enough or having enough to change my course.

Let go of negative thinking.

Let go of thinking I don't have what it takes to pursue my dreams.

Let go of excuses.

Let go of the paralysis that comes with having too many tasks on my to-do list and not enough mind space to devote to the big picture of things.

Let go and get out of my own way.

Let go and get it!