Life as Creative Director of TEDxUofW (Contributor Post)

*Please meet Emilee Goo, my fifth and final new contributor to Fresh Jess! Emilee will wax poetic on Seattle, travel, college life and more. She recently served as creative director for the TEDxUofW conference. Read on to see what her experience was like, and peep her bio at the end of this post. Enjoy!


A week ago, a student organization I'm a part of, TEDxUofW, hosted our second annual event on the University of Washington campus here in Seattle. It was without a doubt one of the most inspirational days to have come out of this campus. I wish more students could have attended. We heard from nine speakers all with varied backgrounds and stories to tell, some of which were current undergraduates, faculty and alumni. Somehow everyone was connected not only to this fine establishment but for a bigger and brighter cause. To purely spread ideas worth knowing. The entire concept behind TED itself is "Ideas worth spreading". It seems so simple yet so empowering and can really go beyond your imagination and yourself.

Being a part of this opportunity and taking on the creative director position has made this entire rollercoaster of an experience worthwhile. It truly astonishes me how incredibly smart young people can be. Three years into my undergrad career, I've realized the capacity we, the young and creative "potentials" have from turning someone's day through random acts of kindness like buying a random person a coffee, creating an ingenious organization to better your community or why not, just create a start-up out of your 10x10 square foot dorm room. Having surrounded myself with such positive and bright people has made me realize how incredibly blessed I am to have what I do have.

Days before the event, while talking with some friends on our way to pick up some last minute items at my favorite store (Costco), it hit me how we were able to hustle our asses off in putting together this event. With a hardcore group of rad people, we collectively came up with sponsors, speakers, our own website, the aesthetics of the room, the center piece cut outs, the lighting, the audio, the video and even the swag bags. We, us measely ol' students, had the capacity to truly accomplish such an amazing day to spread ideas worth knowing.


Emilee Goo is an aspiring creator and adventurer living in Seattle, WA. She's currently a senior at the University of Washington double-majoring in communications and interdisciplinary visual arts. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but is Seattle-grown and Hawaiian at heart. She has had past experience working with Nectar Communications, State Farm Insurance, TEDxUofW, UW PRSSA and BSSP. She is a fashion enthusiast thriving on travel, food, culture, art and photography. She loves to blog ever since she discovered blogging with a friend during her high school years, and is now introduced to a whole new world filled with creative people. She loves sharing her interests over at her own blog, Life of Goobers.