Fit & Fresh: Tmber, The Pacific Northwest Hiking Guide

Living in the Pacific Northwest, you can't help but get outdoors and into nature for a good workout. Hiking in the many beautiful trails is one of the most popular outdoor workouts, with a plethora of options just a short drive out of Seattle or Portland. If you've been hiking in this area, you know how hard and time-consuming it can be to find a good trail. State and national park sites are text-heavy and hard to navigate, and most other trail-finding sites are just plain boring and uninformative. 

Enter the hiking guide & community for the digital natives. Hey Tmber!

Tmber caught my eye when they started following me on Twitter. A few weeks later, my boyfriend wanted to try a new trail with some water, scenery and challenge but that wasn't too far away from Seattle. I went to Tmber to peruse some routes and immediately fell in love.

Tmber is centered around making your entire hiking experience enjoyable and not a complete mystery. They know over 63% of the 2.7 million people who hike in the Pacific Northwest research routes online before heading out into the wilderness, and they've created a site and community that answers all the questions you might have (source.) Most sites will tell you how long, how far away and how challenging a trail is, but Tmber will also tell you if that trail is good for kids, what to pack, the nearest place to get some fuel after the hike (both for your body & your vehicle) and what to expect.

The absolute clincher for me was the fact they've got short, 90-second videos of their people hiking specific routes, and describing their experience along the way. Peep the one on Franklin Falls - that's the one we chose. So simple, yet so incredibly helpful! Now I won't feel like I'm wandering lost into the wilderness next time I want to try a new route.

Peep Tmber's site, but check out their fun Pinterest too. Tons of helpful resources for hikers everywhere.

How are you getting fit & fresh this summer? Any favorite trails you like to hike - in the Pacific Northwest or beyond?