Cleaning Out the Clutter (Sponsored)

In my quest this year for some improvement in my home's decor and design, simplify and organize seem to be the name of the game. From the lessons learned in my Resolution Challenge to the reiki healing workshops I've been taking (more on that later), the phrase "cleaning out the clutter" has made its presence known in many ways in my life. There's a lot I've been holding on to that just needs to go! We've made a lot of strides in our home by sprucing it up a bit with the throw pillows, rug and table you saw in last week's post. Here are a few ways I've been cutting down and cleaning out the clutter:

The storage room

By moving our work table into the living room, we turned our office/den area into a storage space. My boyfriend and I built these racks to keep old files, snowboard gear & other random stuff. These are so affordable and easy to put together, but we can do so much with them (the racks are adjustable.) These racks go well with the industrial feel of our loft, but if we move, these can easily go into a garage, pantry or storage space.

Obviously not its final home. I was just super stoked after I built it :)

The closet

Spring cleaning is manifesting itself fully in my closet! I've gone through my closet several times this season, re-organizing and finally being very strict on myself in what I kept and what's been cleared out. It's hard breaking up with clothes and things that have sentimental value! Though a lot of my stuff have fond memories tied to them, I know I'll never wear them again. I've donated a lot of my stuff to Goodwill, but for some of my trendy pieces in good condition, I've been using the Poshmark app to sell from my closet & buy fun new pieces from others. Peep my love for Poshmark here.

The fitness

Nothing clears out the mental clutter like a good run around Greenlake! My best friend Sara gave me a Nike FuelBand recently and it's already changed the way I look at my fitness. By adding a gamification angle with setting daily point goals, I'm so much more motivated to figure out ways to get active during the day. I'm choosing the stairs over the elevators more. Walking places instead of driving or taking public transportation. It's funny how a bracelet and a few points can totally kickstart my workout routine, but it's working!

My FuelBand, family and I at The Big Climb last Sunday!

How have you been cleaning out the clutter in your life?

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