Renegades Write the Rules - Amy Jo Martin

Innovation. Integrity. Change. Those are some of my favorite words. If they weren't, I wouldn't have chosen the path of freelance life! It's been six months since I branched out on my own, and it's been the scariest yet most rewarding six months of my professional life.

The courage to go out and do something way out of your comfort zone is hard to channel when you're around people who don't lift you up. I needed to get out of my current situation then and remember who it is I look up to. Who make me want to do better. Some of the people I look up to, I know personally; many of them, I don't. I discovered Amy Jo Martin through a Harvard Business Review article she wrote, and found out her agency, Digital Royalty, was responsible for the social media moves made by some of my favorite brands. I immediately added Amy Jo to my short list of favorite women leaders and have been following Digital Royalty ever since.  That's why, when Amy launched a blogger program to review her first book Renegades Write the Rules, I had to be one of the bloggers on their list.

RWtR chronicles Amy's journey from digital media director for the Phoenix Suns to the creative mind behind some of the most influential brands and celebrities in social media today. In an industry filled with smoke and mirrors, Amy has designed solid principles to help Dana White, Shaquille O'Neal and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson alike understand how to use social media to grow their brand and business. When you read that, it might sound gimmicky or even a bit scammy, but Amy has simply helped these athletes/entrepreneurs give their fans a look into their lives and businesses that they'd never have access to before.

In each chapter, Amy tackles a specific "Innovation Allergy," with her successes and struggles in helping clients overcome apprehension and change traditional marketing mindsets to bring a fresh, open mind to the new frontier of social media. She took the big leap into the unknown, "wild west" world of social media, and with the support of fellow renegades, has been able to forge a path of proven success.

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