Fresh Friends: Zach Huntting & Crown Social

I've had so much fun interviewing the likes of Rachel RoyStacy London & Kasey Kahne lately that I've decided to keep the momentum going. I'm reviving my Fresh Friendsseries, highlighting some of the best and brightest talents that I've encountered here in Seattle and beyond. In a few brief questions, you'll find out a little more about what makes these fabulous people tick - what lights the fire that inspires them to pursue their passions.

First at bat: Zach Huntting & Crown Social! Specifically, Crown's got a celebration happening TONIGHT in partnership with Diesel & Picnic Magazine at the Diesel store in downtown Seattle. Read on for a glimpse into Zach's life at Crown & details on the party.

What will this party accomplish?

Put simply, you will get drunk. Drunk on finely-crafted cocktails from pro David Nelson and handsome sidekick Marty. You will have fun.

What inspired this party?

Illegal squats in Paris, luxurious penthouse bars in Tokyo, and the hillviews of Seattle. The desire to do something that has never been done. And then just knowing cool people at Diesel and Picnic who share the same vision that we do. And we want to celebrate the fact that we're one-year-old in style.

What are you going to hear at this party?

-- Music that will sooth you into deep conversations with strangers and then grab your ankles and spin you on your head. First, DJ Frankie Stallone is going to prepare you with some Italo-disco, his specialty. Next, you'll get hip-hop mash-ups and some trill-trap-crunk by none other than DJ TigerBeat.  Last, DJ Z will do one of those extra long rave breakdowns before making you take off your clothes (because you're too sweaty?)

What do you do when you're not partying?

Research and incubate ideas to inspire people.

Where can we usually find you?

At Crown Social during the day, and Queen Anne or Capitol Hill at night. (I still love you Belltown and Pioneer Square.)

Thanks Zach! See you Thursday for Crown Social's shindig. RSVP on Facebook.