Fresh Life: Fresh Jess' Summer

As I prep for the next Independent Fashion Bloggers conference (#IFBcon) and Lucky FABB (#LuckyFABB), I'm also finally taking a moment to reflect on the summer. This has been a season of building my business, and since I told you what I was up to back in late April (Fresh Jess the Freelancer), I've put my all into getting clients and doing some great work. 

Unfortunately, it's taken me away from blogging as much, which is what I intended to build my freelance life around in the first place. Life is all about balance, and while I'm grateful for all of the work I've been able to do this summer, I'm excited to dive headfirst into a week focused just around my blog. I am learning what kinds of projects I like to work on, and what kind of clients I enjoy working with. I'm looking forward to even more prosperity and opportunity in the fall.

This is a photo series to show you what I've been up to this summer, and to tell you that I'll be back in the swing of blogging things here soon :)

Cheered my boyfriend on for his third professional mixed martial arts win! And this is just his hobby!

My dear friends Anisa & Carrie were home in Seattle for quick vacations. I was extremely grateful to spend so much time with them both! 

We made sure to make time for fitness with our girl time, including a hike up Rattlesnake Ridge.

I worked with Madeline on a project for the Bellevue Arts Museum last month. When you work with such a fun place, it definitely doesn't seem like work!

Spent lots of time taking the pup out to Alki

I was a special guest Twitter host for Seattle Art Museum's SAM Remix last week at Olympic Sculpture Park. My friend TigerBeat was on the turntables at SAM Remix keeping the dance floor active! (Photo credit Sarah Lovrien)

While getting my outfits together for IFBcon & Lucky FABB, I scored this amazing crimson leather jacket with puff sleeves and a sweet scoop collar! It fits perfectly and is the first of many leather jackets I'm hoping to get my paws on this fall.

Spikeand I are savoring the last bits of summer.

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