Happy Independence Day!

I am a huge fan of hip-hop. Whether you know much or little about the music and culture, you know it's incredibly difficult to be as honest, transparent and open as Frank Ocean was last night in sharing his sexuality with the world via his Tumblr. I've talked about and shared Frank's music here several times over the last two years, and when I saw this I was just so...proud. So happy to be a fan of this man who not only found the courage to do this, but to write about it in a way that seemed so natural. So easy. Most of all, so beautifully. I am sure there is already a maelstrom of emotion and opinion among his fan base and hip-hop in general. I'm just excited to see how this declaration of freedom will add a new dimension to his depth in voice, lyrics and production for himself and other artists. 

This is definitely one of the coolest things I have ever seen a popular artist do.

Happy Independence Day to you, Frank.

Today is special in another way to me. It's my angel baby Meatball's birthday today. He would have been seven today. He is probably in heaven enjoying a buffet of raw bones and doggie cookies. I love you with all of my heart, Meaty pie. Your brother Spike couldn't be any more different and yet so much the same. You both make me whole. I love you.

To all of you lovely readers, have a safe 4th of July if you are celebrating it. I wish you lots of love and fun today with friends, family, BBQ, fireworks and sunshine!