City Target Seattle Opens Sunday 7/29! Preview Pics

I cannot even tell you how excited urban Seattleites are to have a Target in the heart of downtown!

City Target Seattle is one of three City Targets opening this month, with two more in Chicago and L.A. I attended a TargetStyle dinner last week where I was told the City Target concept would be much more catered to the commuter consumer. I guess in my head I pictured smaller, compacted, and less of everything. While there is definitely less bulk, lifestyle merchandising and large items, City Target still has most everything that other Targets offer. City Target Seattle's got its food & beverage (plus liquor); men's, women's and children's apparel and accessories; home decor & necessities, electronics; even bikes!

I went to the preview party tonight, and Target really pulled out all the stops for a great celebration! Local artists were set up throughout the store with live painting; there were sangria & cocktail demonstrations, live bands & a DJ spinning, and yummy treats from Boka & Cupcake Royale. Thanks to the responses on my Instagram & personal Facebook, I wanted to get this quick post up for all of you so you can get a glimpse of what to expect. As usual, you can see all of my pics from tonight's preview on the Fresh Jess Facebook page.

City Target Seattle opens this Sunday, July 29th. You can bet I'll be there often!

Hi, Seattle!

What a nice welcome! Balloons & local artist work

Painting downstairs from more local artists.

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Three floors of amazingness!

Target did not cut any corners with this soiree!

Smaller merchandise points means getting more creative with creating vignettes!

Just some mini-golf with the Target dog

Custom Target cupcakes from Cupcake Royale!

Campfire OK playing tunes for the crowd up on the third floor.

Don't worry, everyone. Still plenty of toilet paper stocked!

Probably the only time I'll get to shop a Target with a sangria in hand!

See you again soon!

Welcome to downtown Seattle, Target!