Vision Boards: Keeping Your Goals in Sight

Vision boards are a powerful way to keep your goals and ambitions top-of-mind. It's always very humbling when people ask me how I stay on top of it all, and I'm quick to tell them that I have to work really hard to stay focused on what I want to accomplish. It's super easy to lose sight of our goals, and super tough to figure out how to balance our day-to-day responsibilities with the steps needed to reach the goals we set out for ourselves.

Inspired by Jammie (@VAFashionGirl)'s post on making vision boards for the new year, and prompted further by my friend & art director Byron Gronseth, I made a couple of vision boards in January. One for my goals for the year, and one for my blog. Here they are below:

In both, I put plenty of images of strong, confident women, bold colors and words to motivate me. I decided to go the old-school vision boarding route so I could hang these in my closet, where I'll see them every day when I'm picking out my outfit. 

I strongly encourage you to make a vision board whenever you feel unproductive, uninspired or need something to get your mind back to the goals you want to accomplish in life. You can cut & paste out of old magazines like I did, or take your vision boards online via Pinterest or Polyvore. Oprah even has a few tips for you in making a great vision board here.

If you do make one (or have already), I'd love to see them! Leave me a comment with a link.