Fresh Faves: Byron Gronseth & a Re:Fresh Jess

People ask me all the time how I manage to work, blog, be out and have a life. The truth is, you never get anywhere (sanely) without the help of a great team, and for mine, I'm grateful. I enlisted the help of one of my dear friends, Byron Gronseth, to help me breathe some new life into the look and feel of Fresh Jess. What he is giving me in return is so much more.

Byron is definitely not your cookie cutter graphic designer. At least not to me. He sat me down in a coffee shop for a few hours and walked me through a ton of questions, delving deep into my interests, passions and visual stimuli to come up with a whole new branding identity. 

What you now see here on is one piece of that. "Pretty, witty, girly, worldly" - I also wanted imagery to reflect the West Coast and Pacific Northwest without a cliche shot of the Space Needle and me holding an umbrella or something. We both agreed on a darker palette too. Take one look at my Pinterest style boards and you'll see I'm not one for frills and sequins and glitter (unless I have to be.) 

I also wanted to reflect my insistence on keeping FreshJess a lifestyle blog, even though I'm classified as a fashion blogger about 90% of the time. It's fine, but I still want to cover other things that mean a lot to me: the causes I support, the celebrities and mentors who inspire me, the books I read, the places I eat, etc.

All things fresh in the eyes of a young Seattleite. Life + style, if you will.

Anywho, I'm so extremely thankful for Byron's help in making FreshJess look so fly. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Check out and his Behance gallery.