I Go For Mine: 2012 Resolutions

As I started thinking about my new year's resolutions, I decided to read over last year's resolutions to get my mind going. I'm still not a fan of all the hype around 'new year's resolutions', only because it's somewhat commonplace for people to create lofty goals at one time of the year, just to abandon them a few weeks later.

If you make resolutions or goals - no matter what time of the year - then great! Write them down. Break down your goals into tasks/baby steps. Revisit your list throughout the year to see how you're doing.

Commit to them rather than making them for the sake of a new year ahead.

Taking great things from 2011 with me into the next year, and adding more!

I have a few goals in regards to my blog, my career and my life. Last year's resolutions actually helped me stick to reaching those goals, and I'll carry these into next year too. I just want to add a couple more this time around:

Be present in the moment

This is one thing Russell Simmons stresses in both of his books, Super Rich and Do You. In the age of social media, technology and multi-tasking, so many things fight for our attention at any given time. It's tough, but focusing on the task/conversation/moment at hand is something I'm really trying to work on this year! Hopefully this will lead to better productivity and less stress over time.

Be militant in avoiding distractions

I read this Inc. Magazine article on "7 Things Highly Productive People Do" recently and this point really stuck with me. It's amazing how one email can pop up in the middle of something I'm working on, and an hour later I'm so distracted and far removed from what I was doing. One of my biggest struggles this year has been being productive. Avoiding distractions from social tweeting & FBing (i.e. not for work) all the way up to too much partying will help keep me focused on the things I want to accomplish!

Respect the temple

My body, that is. Trading in that fast food & all those nights eating out for some clean food, juice and meals at home with my man and our dog. Getting that workout plan cemented and worked into my schedule better. Not working too hard. Not stressing too hard. Loving life!

Keep writing

Writing is one of my favorite things to do to channel back to myself when I'm getting too stressed or consumed by work & life. This year I'm committed to much more journaling and blogging. Also, it's a pleasure writing these posts for you :)

Giving is getting

Supporting what you're passionate in, whether that's a non-profit, a movement or your relationships, is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in life. For me, that means supporting Bulldog Haven NW and PAWS, and spending time with friends and family.

Stay organized

It's easy to pick an organization system and try it out. What's hard is sticking to that system and making it work over time. I've tried a lot of things and have yet to settle on a system that works for me. I will keep at it!

Grow continuously

There's a saying that "insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results." I'm devoted to staying motivated to reach my goals. I have the drive to learn and consistently strive to be better.

"I can't be stopped. Like nope, like nope!" - Jay-Z, "Who Gon' Stop Me" - Watch the Throne

Happy new year everyone!