Is Everyone Hanging Out w/o Me? - Mindy Kaling

What makes a good friend? Someone who gifts you Mindy Kaling's book and makes you Persian tea all in the same night, just because. I love Anisa Leyla (check out her new blog!)

But enough about my awesome friends. Mindy Kaling's own besties are just one of the many pieces of her life that she divulges in "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns)" While I love reading books by CEOs, entrepreneurs and others who inspire me, Mindy is the first one whose upbringing actually sounds like my own! Friendly and hilarious but never part of the popular crowd, Mindy counts her traditional, loving Indian family and close friends among her biggest influences and supporters.

Reading Mindy's book was such a breath of fresh air. It says a lot that Mindy is as down-to-earth now as she was in her flourishing college days. She shares her experiences and observations in major parts of her life - childhood, college, New York, The Office and of course her BlackBerry photo album - in such a light and funny way, you can't help but love it as you read along. I know this word is overused, but the girl keeps it "real." I mean, one of her chapters is titled "Someone please explain one-night stands to me" because she can't understand how you can trust someone with your body so casually. RIGHT?!?

Anywho, AlixRose and I had the pleasure of snapping this quick and blurry pic with her after her appearance in Seattle for Rainn Wilson & Friends benefit show for The Mona Foundation. She was so sweet and didn't look at me weird when I told her I was the one begging to style her on Twitter :)

If you're looking for a fun holiday read, I highly suggest picking this up!