Please help Spike! (updated)

*Updated Saturday 10/8/11

This is a special plea from one of the bulldog rescues I support!

This sweet little guy is Spike, a 4-year-old English bulldog. He was surrendered at the ER due to serious bladder stones that his family couldn't afford. Turns out he also had an enlarged prostate, bladder infection and needs a neuter badly.

Spike is now in the care of Bulldog Haven Northwest. He underwent surgery earlier this week, where the doctor neutered him and removed 10 stones from his urethra & 3 from his bladder. He just went home to his foster mom's after a few days recuperating at the vet.

I'm in love this little guy. He looks just like my angel baby Meaty <3

His vet bill skyrocketed to over $2000. Because this has happened in a matter of days, BHNW is putting out a call for your help in covering Spike's vet bill. Add to that the special needs for the dogs BHNW is already caring for, it's a lot to take on unexpectedly. If anyone can give to the rescue, every dollar helps!

You can donate via ChipIn on the Bulldog Haven website;

Screenshot of Bulldog Haven NW's Spike fund

Or checks via snail mail at: Bulldog Haven NW, P.O. Box 1120, Marysville, WA 98270

Seriously, anything helps. Thank you so much! 

Bulldog Haven NW is a rescue and adoption organization that provides a safe place for English and French Bulldogs, mental & physical rehabilitation, rehoming, breed specific shelter assistance and more.

One final note: these problems could've been avoided if Spike had been neutered at an early age. PLEASE, if you're thinking about getting a dog (especially bulldogs as they have many health problems), READ UP on caring for your pup! There's a lot of time, energy, care and money that go into this commitment.