Showing Up For Life - Bill Gates Sr.

Simply put, this book impacts me so much I will likely read it at least once a year for years to come. Bill Gates Sr. is probably most famous for being the father of one of the richest men in the world, but he is also a former UW student, Boy Scout, lawyer, law firm partner, and current father, grandfather, husband and all-around proud family man. He now helps his son and daughter-in-law carefully choose where their money and efforts go as one of the leaders at the helm of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In Showing Up for Life, Mr. Gates dilutes a lifetime of changing our community locally and globally into one extremely simple message: show up.

Bill Gates Sr. is so full of love, humility and perseverance. I cannot help but be inspired by him every time I hear or read about him, and most strongly when I read this book. Showing Up for Life is filled with Gates Sr.'s many life experiences, from summer trips with his family and others to visits to Africa to various speeches he's given around the world. His love for family and tradition shine throughout - it's clear that his children, wife Mimi, former wife Mary and his grandchildren are the driving force in all that he does.

The stories told in Showing Up for Life are short but incredibly impactful. Gates Sr. implores life lessons on everything from: instilling tradition in your children; responsibility to community, neighbors & family; and the importance of a lifelong education (stay learning!) All of these lessons tie back to his overarching message: for everything in life, nothing can be until you show up.

Show up for opportunities that are given you.

Show up for your family.

Show up by educating yourself always.

Show up for your local, national and global community.

Show up for your beliefs, your opinions and your rights.

Show up for life!

Check out this interview with Mr. Gates Sr on Showing Up for Life. It's an hour long, but totally worth it :)