Introducing Fresh Eats: Madison Park Conservatory

Inspired by The New York Times' recent coverage of Seattle's food scene, I'm now sharing my food adventures on FreshJess. I'm not really sure why I never blogged about food before. I sure love to eat and I take tons of meal pics on my phone. However, I don't consider myself a foodie and highly respect those who devote their blogs to food, like my friend Frank (Going for Seconds.) What you'll get from me is perspectives on some great Seattle establishments and savory experiences with amazing people. Hope you enjoy!

Last month, I took my boyfriend to Madison Park Conservatory for his birthday dinner. He and I have been fans of Brian and Cormac since their Tako Truk days on Eastlake in the summer of 2009. We were totally heartbroken when the Truk closed after the season, so it was a delight to hear they were opening the Conservatory in the heart of the Madison Park neighborhood. MPC is decidedly different from Tako Truk of course, but every bit as wonderful. The menu is based on local & seasonal fare, changing often. The ambience is simple but perfect for anything from a birthday dinner date for two to a rousing feast with a big group of friends. Here are a few pics from our meal, which included salmon, sliders and pork chops:

I'm happy to report that Tako Truk lives on at MPC, at least for summer Sundays! You must get down there immediately in the name of coco piggy, tako (Japanese for "octopus") and sweet potato + lentil tacos, and their signature "green drink." 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.