Gym Jones & the Hauteness: Michi

Whenever I work out, I refer to it as a visit to "Gym Jones." Why? Mostly so people don't know where it is I get them situps right, but also inspired by the workout regimen of the muscled men of "300."

It's pretty funny calling working out "Gym Jones." Some people think it's a play on words I made on rapper Jim Jones (ballin!), while others have taken to referring to it in the same way. One of my lovely friends Carrie even started a blog called "Gym Jones & the Hotness." I believe there is now an actual Gym Jones franchise, but I don't work out there :)

Anyway, here's some hotness to keep you cool and stylish while lighting the hearts in your very own Gym Jones afire. Michi via Oak & High Snobette:

Images via Michi & High Snobette. Photo credit Gian Carlo Drueco