Mamas and Meatballs make my world go 'round

Mama & me at my 28th birthday at HollyHood! Yeah she came to the club!

My mom is amazing. She has dedicated her life to making sure her children are happy and taken care of. She gives so much to us and asks for little to nothing in return. She is never one to stir the pot, always minding her own business and keeping to herself. Sometimes I think we are so different, but then I remember one of my favorite things she's ever said to me. It was when I was about to leave the house for good, heading to my first year of college. Everybody was telling me what to major in and why. All she said was, "I don't care what you decide to go to school for. Whatever it is, just make sure you don't have to depend on anyone else to make you happy."

I don't think she knows how valuable her words (not just those, but all) have been to me. I've taken that piece of advice far beyond choosing my major and navigating my career. That's a life lesson for me.

I love you so much Mama. Thank you for everything.

She loves this song :)

My angel babe 

I know you're shining down on me from heaven my sweet Meatball. I miss you every single day and if I could give up everything to be your mama here on earth again I would in half a heartbeat. My whole soul revolves around you still. I think about you all the time and I hope you are okay, and that you are happy. You live in my heart baby lovebug. You always have and you always will. MOMMY LOVES YOU! <3