Fresh Friends: JUXISM got a little facelift early last month, thanks to the talent & creativity of design artist Dan Dejos. tonight, to express my sincere gratitude, i wanted to share a little background on dan's work and give a little preview of things to come!

Back in 2006, Dan founded Juxism to encompass all of the creative projects he received shortly after his time at The Art Institute. the diversity of his work range from print, interactive, web, fashion, product & creative direction.

Juxism has worked with commercial & non-commercial clients, including Adidas, T-Mobile, Publicis, DJ Scene, Soy Clothing, Blue Scholars, Ride Snowboards, Hope Heart Institute & the Department of Energy.

Dan's designs have graced the pages of Rolling Stone, Inked, URB, Antenna and Sound magazines, in addition to numerous flyers of some of my favorite nights out on the town :)

Juxism's attention to detail, use of color and creativity have opened a ton of doors, including spearheading art direction for VXRSI, bringing the art of style and MMA together in innovative streetwear & competition sportswear.

Take a look at for more projects, and add it to your RSS or favorite reader. Stay tuned for some exciting additions to the Juxism site in celebration of the team's 4 year anniversary - including a limited edition tee!