a city girl on forks...

this weekend my bf is hiking around Forks & La Push - and for a Twilight freak such as myself, this is kind of a big deal. if you were paying any attention during the movie, you will remember Edward's comment: "Why did you move to the wettest place in the continental U.S.?"

Well, whether hot Cullen is correct or not, while perusing Karmaloop i took it upon myself to find a few pieces i would take along if i were with bf now, traipsing around Twilight stomping grounds:

"the wettest place in the continental U.S." calls for... The RVCA slicker - $105

lumberjill - The RVCA McLean shirt - $53

versatile sweats - The Joyrich Love Lounge pants - $48

because a Northwest girl can never have too many fleeces - The Burton Darling fleece - $65

in case i feel the urge to jump off a cliff...this won't fall off - The Selina onepiece - $50

and of course... - The Bella jacket by B.B. Dakota - $70