pdx x jess

every time we go down to portland, we have to hit three of my favorite places on the planet...

compound is a gallery/boutique with a very urban japanese vibe. here you can pick up exclusive kicks, stussy jewelry, anap & married to the mob for her, orisue & hundreds for him. i think when we build that house we are always dreamin up, we will fill it only with art from compound's gallery. their artists are that awesome. check it: justbecomplex.com

the doug fir is the place to be for food and for some of the best shows in town. i can't describe the feel of the place - the best i can say is that it's the dopest log cabin i've ever been in! if you go, you have to have the keiko coffee, it's bomb: dougfirlounge.com

end your night at the jupiter hotel, adjacent to the doug fir and another one of the coolest places i have ever stayed. the owner took a motel 6-type building and made it uber-hipster. you can rub elbows with the bands staying the night after their show, just outside of the door/chalkboard. each of the rooms are designed and outfitted with a balance of retro and simple modern chic. i wanted the sam flores shower curtain! jupiterhotel.com