oh you nasty gal

nasty gal is responsible for my first-ever foray into the big bad world of eBay. let's just say i was a little slow to the punch, totally obliterated by the pros who put in autobids down to the millisecond before the deadline. damn - i really wanted that billie jean leather jacket too.

anywho, the nasty gals have outgrown eBay and recently launched their new website & blog. i love their concept of putting up a few items at a time - it seriously is eBay-like frenzy with every new batch of sales, and would quench the thirst of any bargain-hunting fashionista who loves a little competition. almost every item sold by nasty gal is a one-of-a-kind...so you are guaranteed to be the only one in your hood with that dress amongst a sea of tracy reese (or f21.) pay attention to that blog to get sweet previews of the next wave!

by the way...this was the piece that eluded me and broke my little heart - until i found a $35 knock somewhere else :)