stuff fresh jess likes: food and controversy

just six months out the gate with the insanely popular (and controversial) blog, "stuff white people like", christian lander and friends have released stuff white people like: the definitive guide to the unique taste of millions. LOL!

last night at the hideout, a few of my favorite people, some other random seattleites and i had the pleasure of having dinner with christian and friends, thanks to kim ricketts book events (i told you. get on her fun list now!) onepot provided a delicious english meal while we engaged in conversation and listened to a couple of short reads from the book. i was already a big fan of the blog, but after having met the humble and truly awesome author(s), i think "stuff white people like" might be tops on my list. i can't imagine having millions reading your blog every day and responding so passionately to it (both negatively and positively.) you haters know this is supposed to be funny right? even at dinner, i think we might have offended some of the folks having a drink at the bar who didn't have a clue about the blog. lighten up a bit, geez!

p.s. christian signed my book: "jess & jacob: according to #11, your children will be annoying." :)