posh spice, ginger spice...business spice

i finally finished the girl's guide to kicking your career into gear by caitlin freedman & kim yorio today. it's a pretty easy and quick read - but i went through it slowly and filled a notebook answering the many questions posed in this book. ladies, if you're looking for a great book on professional development, i highly recommend this one. there's a lot of good career books out there but not a lot of them are focused specifically on women.

this book is/will be so helpful to any stage of your career - whether you're fresh out of college and just starting out, or you're well into your career and looking for a change out of boredom or major lifestyle change (marriage, babies, MBA, etc.) i really liked how it helps you really think about what you want out of your job, how to sell yourself & your accomplishments, face your fears and to have the confidence to ask for what you deserve. for my boys reading this blog right now - you have no idea how different it is as women to keep moving forward with lots of confidence and the right words to get what we want.

caitlin and kim have presented at the chamber's author speaker series two years in a row now. last year they brought their book "the girl's guide to being a boss (without being a bitch)" and i was so happy when i asked them to come back with their new book and they said "absolutely!" the ladies are so inspiring and personable - you can tell they really love what they're doing and are able to have fun balancing work and life. they're my heroes :)

girl's guide to business