Shake Up Your Fitness Routine with ClassPass (+ Deals!)

Have you tried ClassPass yet?

As part of my new year fitness adventures, I tried out ClassPass’ 10-class monthly membership. The beauty of ClassPass is in trying out new studios, and I finally understood that! I’m a creature of habit, but ClassPass got me out exploring places I’d always been curious about but had never been before. I’d timed it so that I could try out a couple of studios I’d never been to in Seattle, and to make sure I’d get my workouts in while traveling to New York for work. 

I was on a big yoga kick in January and February and used ClassPass to supplement what I was doing at home. I tried out The Sweatbox’s yin yoga class, which was awesome and made me so happy to find a yin class close to my home.

I also took hot vinyasa flows at Urban Yoga Spa in downtown and Be Luminous in South Lake Union. You can do yoga for years and still have a different experience each time depending on the teacher, the studio, and the state of your body in that moment. I’d taken classes at both studios before, but had a fun and really adventurous teacher at UYS. At Be Luminous, I was among some true yogi athletes, and their strength helped motivate me to challenge myself more.

I took a work lunch to take a Flywheel class because spin is always a good idea! Flywheel also offers a FlyBarre class which looked really interesting, but I didn’t get a chance to try it in my month of ClassPass.

While in New York, I took advantage of ClassPass to check out a studio I’d been Instagram-stalking (don’t act like you don’t.) Y7 Studio is “the original hip-hop yoga studio” and its owner Sarah’s got a bulldog. That was good enough for me, but then I saw all their apparel with quotes like “Brooklyn We Flow Hard” and “Kanye Blessed” on them. That’s when I knew it was a must-do while in NYC.

Y7 Upper East Side has two hot rooms (aptly named ‘Biggie’ and ‘Smalls’) which, like the lobby and locker room, are painted all-black. Neither room had mirrors, which I thought was a really nice change. Not having mirrors means less looking around at other yogis and more challenging yourself to trust your body in each pose. I loved the vibe of the class, which was also different from any other yoga class I’d ever taken before.

We did three sets of vinyasa flows, and each set had three rounds. In the first round, we went through each pose slowly to work on form. The second round went more quickly, with one breath dedicated to each pose. For the third round, our teacher turned the music up (we heard some Rick Ross, Drake, and David Banner) and left us to do the entire set on our own. It was the first time in over ten years of yoga classes that a teacher challenged us to go through the set without her guidance - and to hip-hop on blast, at that. I was dripping in sweat but completely in love! We really need a Y7 in Seattle. There is nothing on that level here. I’d be there every day.

Thanks, ClassPass, for helping me break out of my routine and also try out places I was literally dreaming of visiting. 

If you’d like to check out ClassPass, there’s a sweet Go Pass deal that gets you three classes for $5 (total!) Or, you can sign up for 50% off your first three months. There are several packages to look at, so you don’t have to sign up for 10 classes a month (which was hard even for me, and I try to move every day!)

Disclosure: Service provided for review. All opinions are mine!