10 Bumbershoot Musical Acts Not to Miss (By Ryan G)

When it comes to local music, my cousin Ryan is a world of depth and knowledge. I asked him to share about his cool resolution for this year, and for his picks of this year's Bumbershoot lineup. Enjoy! - Jess

A personal resolution of mine this year has been to experience a live show, concert, or festival each week in 2017. I've attended 63 shows across this city so far this year and had the privilege to see 186 different bands across dozens of varying genres (hip hop, EDM, punk, etc.).

If there was any one event that I would attribute my love for live music to, it would be Bumbershoot.

To me, Bumbershoot is a chance to experience music and arts of all kinds. I like to just walk around, listen to what sounds good, and go see who's making that good sound. When the 45th Bumbershoot lineup was announced, I was intrigued. With a lineup as diverse as the one being presented, it can get hard to decide what exactly to check out.

I like to dance. I like to be in awe of talent. With that, here's a list of ten acts to make time for at this year's Bumbershoot (in no particular order):

Cody Jinks (Sunday) - Mixing Outlaw and Traditional country music styles, Jinks is a must see for fans looking for an alternative to the current Country music scene. (Check out: "Loud and Heavy")

Bibi Bourelly (Sunday) - Bourelly is a hip hop artist who doesn't write to win and doesn't sing to win, making music is her life and that message comes through loud and clear in her songs. (Check out: "Ballin")

Slushii (Friday) - Simply put, Slushii is dance music that sounds fun to dance to.  With a sound not too intimidating for first time EDM listeners, Slushii is ready to get you smiling as you move to the beat. (Check out: "Catch Me")

Odesza (Sunday) - Not only will Odesza be playing to their hometown crowd, but they are slated to release a new album the Friday (9/8) after Bumbershoot.  What better opportunity to hear new music than this performance? (Check out: "Say my Name (feat. Zyra)")

Con Brio (Saturday) - Bringing his brand of big band funk to Bumbershoot, expect a funky high energy show from an act sure tog et you off your feet and moving. (Check out: “Sundown”)

Watsky (Friday) - A slam poetry champion, an author, and he’s even done a TED talk, hip hop lyricist Watsky presents a perfect contrast to the “Mumble rap” acts also booked for Bumbershoot. (Check out: “Lovely Thing Suite Part 1: Conversations”)

Tacocat (Saturday) – Tacocat is the pop (punk) band that embodies Seattle. Just a group of people dressing how they want, performing music that’s both fun and lyrically satirical. (Check out: “I Hate the Weekend”)

Solange (Sunday) – Coming off the success of her album “A Seat at the Table”, Grammy award winning artist Solange blends soul, funk and R & B, to create an act that shouldn’t be missed. With all of this recent success, let’s hope she also performs the “Proud Family theme song” during her set. (Check out: “Cranes in the Sky”)

Dave Depper (Sunday) – As a musician, Depper has played for a number of popular bands, and his debut album displays the amount of skill he’s built over the years. His performance with a full band is sure to open people’s eyes to this light hearted artist. (Check out: “Summer Days”)

Middle Kids (Saturday) – With a sound fairly unique in the indie pop genre, the Australian trio, Middle Kids is bringing the fun and elation of their debut EP to the Bumbershoot stage. (Check out: “Never Start”)

If there was any advice on how to approach Bumbershoot, it would be to try something new. Open your ears to new music. Dance and smile with strangers. Wear a fun hat or try out an entirely new look. Catch a play or a clown or a debate or a podcast. You’ll never know who you’ll meet, or how much fun you could have, until you give it a shot. You’ll get more out of the experience. 


Thanks, Ryan! Follow his concert journey on Instagram at @cakeintherain206, and check out the full Bumbershoot lineup here.