Big Game Bits & Bites with Babbleboxx (Sponsored)

BIG AZ - Full Sail Session Premium Lager - Garden of Eatin Chips - Better Bean Dips

Football season is such a fun time to get together with friends and family for a couple of hours of sports, jokes, conversation, and of course - eating and drinking. The big game is coming, and although our Seahawks are out for the season, we’ll be doing all of this in the company of some of our favorite people. 

Babbleboxx kindly sent us some great options for big game nosh, most of which we’d never tried before! Here’s a breakdown of what came in our game day package:

AdvancedPierre BIG AZ Burger Biscuit

AdvancePierre Foods’ BIG AZ burgers & biscuits - I’ve never had BIG AZ burgers and sandwiches before - they’re great options to satisfy hearty burger cravings without the grill or ordering out. We got the BIG AZ Cheeseburger (a massive beef patty topped with a slice of American cheese in their world famous sesame bun), two AZ Kickin’ Jalapeño Cheeseburgers (giant beef patties with tasty pepper jack cheese and zesty jalapeños), and a BIG AZ Biscuit Stacker (their breakfast offering with a fluffy egg topped with American cheese, savory signature sausage, and mouth-watering bacon in a tender, homestyle buttermilk biscuit.)

Get your BIG AZ sandwiches here (and a $1 off coupon here!)

Garden of Eatin

Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips - We love Garden of Eatin’s blue corn tortilla chips for tortilla soup or a side, so we were excited to try their two newest flavors: Ranch with buttermilk, garlic, and onion; and Nacho, made with farmhouse cheddar and paprika. These two flavors are certified USDA organic and made with simpler ingredients. That means they’re gluten-free, non-GMO, and are free of artificial flavors and preservatives. I loved both flavors but I think the Nacho chips just barely edged out Ranch. They’re perfect big game snacks!

Get your Garden of Eatin' chips here.

Full Sail Session Premium Lager

Full Sail Brewing Session Premium Lager - We are big fans of Full Sail in this family, and the Session Premium Lager is no exception. The original Session is a classic, all-malt lager in a retro cool bottle that takes great. American and European hops offer a wonderful noble hop aroma, and the two-row barley malt and a touch of wheat malt make for some pleasant, easy drinking. The Session Premium Lager was named the #1 American Pilsner on the “Top Ten List of Lagers Brewed in the United States.”

Buy Full Sail Brewing Session Premium Lager here.

Better Bean Dips

Better Bean Co. Dips - Better Beans are made in small batches with regional ingredients in a dedicated kitchen free of top allergens. They’re vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and served in BPA-free packaging. Best of all, they’re soaked and prepped for “easy digestion” (if you get my drift ;)) We had them with the Garden of Eatin’ chips, but I think the dips would make a great topping for quesadillas, burritos, with eggs for breakfast, or mixed with other dips.

Get Better Bean Dips with a downloadable Buy One Get One Free Coupon, store finder & game-day recipes here:

Thank you Babbleboxx for getting us ready for the big game!  


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