A Life Update


There are no major announcements or anything in this post. I’ve just been missing writing and sharing what’s happening in my life here with y’all. I really miss writing—it’s therapeutic for me, and sharing pieces of it via social media status updates isn’t as fulfilling. Anywho, hi! How are you?

I’m deep in the midst of a two-part launch at work; one for a campaign one of our programs puts on during the school year, and the other for a brand-new website for that same program. It’s been a lot of heads-down work and most recently, migrating almost a decade’s worth of content from one platform to another. It’s draining work, but I’m looking forward to seeing it come to life soon.

After almost three years of trying to get back on the 6:00a.m. workout train, I’ve recently decided to hop back on for real! I was inspired by my weekend with Orangetheory in July where they had us working out early in the morning. Then I was inspired by SoulCycle’s Bey Day theme rides for the Queen’s bday—I wasn’t missing that even if it meant taking a 7:00a.m. class! Finally, I’ve been teetering close to 100 rides at BurnCycle and finally decided to buckle down & put in work to get there. I’m excited to say that I passed 100 two weeks ago but am still getting in 6:00 a.m. classes 4-5x/week! 

It’s taken me so long to realize that the early morning workout is the anchor to my day. I always feel accomplished just by showing up! Haha! For real though, my day feels so much more productive when I’m up early and have my workout in before work. There’s very few excuses for skipping a morning workout too - there’s really not much else I’m doing at that hour except sleeping! 


Aside from work and early morning workouts, I’m just laying low and taking care of Dougie. I’ll attend an event or set up a coffee date here and there, but for the most part I’m more interested in just getting rest and hanging out with my family. I read a lot (I’m at my goodreads Challenge goal of 45 books for the year!) I hadn’t been much of a TV or podcast person until recently. Right now I’m into Insecure. We need longer or more episodes! 

I watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before a couple of weeks ago and it awakened the teenybopper in me. Haha! I realize that is a part of me that will never die and I embrace it. I’ve always been like this, but I’m selective. Harry Potter? Yes. Fifty Shades? Nah I’m good. Lara Jean & Peter Kavinsky? HELL YEAH. It’s been really fun messaging with my lady friends about how great this movie and how cute Noah Centineo is. 


I feel like I’m on a perpetual mission to decrease the clutter in my life, and I finally re-opened my Poshmark closet to make a bit of $$ off that clutter too. I’ve gotten in a pretty good groove of selling my clothes on there! I use the money I make to restock my closet with better quality essentials. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of Zara and other fast fashion; stuff that doesn’t fit me anymore but that I’ve held onto for way too long; and tried to focus on only buying natural fabrics. After a 3-year break, I’ve found the fun in Poshmark again. Come find me!

I’m going to post these updates more often and dive into more of my life! I’m still taking on sponsored posts here and there, and who knows—maybe you’ll start seeing some other kinds of content again soon. I’m just really happy to write again :)

What’s going on with you? Tell me in the comments!