Conscious Beauty w/Bartell Drugs, Pacifica and e.l.f. (Sponsored)

Have you looked up what's in your favorite makeup? Chances are, there's a laundry list of ingredients you don't want anywhere near your face. Don't get me wrong - I have a weakness for designer makeup and skincare that's hard to break - BUT, I am trying to make an effort towards healthier, more responsible choices in my beauty routine. Enter Bartell Drugs!

I missed the Bartell Drugs Spring Beauty Event makeup demos and fun swag because of my L.A. trip, but yours and my neighborhood drug store kindly gave me the opportunity to try some of their new and expanded beauty offerings. 

A couple of staples in my beauty & skincare routine - Thayer's Witch Hazel rose toner and NYX soft matte lip cream!

A couple of staples in my beauty & skincare routine - Thayer's Witch Hazel rose toner and NYX soft matte lip cream!

This time around, I chose to try out products from Pacifica and e.l.f., two brands who are committed to healthy and/or responsible beauty. e.l.f. (like Eyes Lips Face, not Buddy the ____) is dedicated to creating cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and non-comodogenic (non-pore clogging) products. I needed a re-up on blush and bronzer, so I picked up their Contouring Blush and Powder in Fiji (Matte) and their Golden Bronzer palette, as well as some cream eyeliner, Makeup Mist & Set and extra eyeshadow applicators.

Pacifica is a Pacific Northwest (Portland, OR)-based company, and all of their products are gluten-free, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free. They are also dedicated to reducing their impact on the environment, with a great recycling program and more. *YEAHHH GURL INSERT CELEBRATION EMOJI HERE*

I'm familiar with their lotions and skincare, so I was especially excited to try their makeup. Pacifica color is formulated without: Animal testing, animal ingredients, FD&C synthetic lakes and dyes, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, benzene, mineral oil, petroleum, peanut oil, triclosan, and other ingredients you do not want on your skin.

I got the Pacifica Golden Lotus Highlighting Powder, DreamLit Under Eye Brightener and Super Detox Deep Purification Wipes. These all came highly rated in all the "beauty editor top picks" articles I googled, and will come in especially handy for my next trip.

I'm so excited to try out all of these products! Catch me on Instagram (jessestrada) and SnapChat (jessestrada206) for updates on how these products work with my mug or ask questions about how they're doing. Head to Bartell Drugs to cop your own Pacifica and e.l.f. cosmetics, and check out their Beauty Aisle online for all the latest!

Disclosure: Products were provided by Bartell Drugs for this post. All opinions are mine!