My Affinity for Adagio (By Emma Eekhoff)

For my daily survival, coffee is up there with oxygen and proper circulation. In Sequim there are many coffee shops in our small city limits, but one reigns supreme for tradition, atmosphere and quality.

Over time, coffee drinks became overshadowed by unnecessary sugary flavors, not allowing the coffee to shine in its true form.  The place that lets coffee be coffee is Adagio. It is a place where you can order a cappuccino, no frills included, simply strong and delicious, as it should be.  Even their specialty drinks stay to tradition, like my personal favorite, the Matcha Green Tea Latte. The whole milk is subtly sweet with an earthy punch of real green tea.

Adagio Sequim 1

Sitting down to a cup of coffee should be ceremonious; it is to be savored and enjoyed better when accompanied by friends. Adagio has always been welcoming to both big, loud groups and small, quiet collections of people. I’ve had many memorable get-togethers at Adagio, some with rambunctious friends and others in peaceful gatherings. If I need a peaceful place to finish an assignment over the weekend, it’s my destination.

Adagio Sequim 3

I appreciate Adagio immensely because in Sequim young kids are the minority, and if the elders are annoyed by the expected volume made by teens in their coffee shop the teens are told to leave. But at Adagio, no matter our sound, we are treated just as kindly as the other paying customers.

I love Adagio because they stay true to tradition, they don’t make their coffees trendy and marketable, they make it they way it was made many years ago.


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