Best Date Night in Seattle: Kris Orlowski's Tower Sessions

I'm not usually one to make such grand declarations like "this is best date night in the city!" but y'all. If you want to cozy up to someone you love in the coolest concert venue in the city, you have to check out the monthly Tower Sessions shows atop the Smith Tower.

Curated by Kris Orlowski, he and his band co-host this monthly show with Petra Franklin, who lives in the pyramid at the top of Smith Tower with her family. Her home is an urban legend in the city to some, but I learned that Petra entertains functions up there all the time, and what a treat it was to be a guest for the February Tower Sessions. 

The show is truly an intimate affair; there's probably no more than a hundred guests up there max, and Kris & his team make it such a warm and inviting scene. This month, we were treated to the sounds of Henry at War and Silver Torches while we dined on a beautiful cheese spread, sandwiches and some incredible borscht. Jack Daniels blessed us with some cocktails featuring Gentleman's Jack. Despite the breathtaking setting, the delicious food and the wonderful opening acts, Kris Orlowski and his band stole the show, capping the night with a preview of their next album, "Often in the Pause."

A venue in the heavens (with lots of little corners to steal an embrace), delectable eats, craft cocktails and some of the best local music to be found in Seattle. A perfect Emerald City date night, if you ask me!

Get on the list at for details on upcoming shows - and cop your tickets fast because they sell out quickly!

p.s. while you're there, make the climb up to the very top of Smith Tower - even if heights make you want to puke. It's up a spiral staircase, a tiny ladder and a little squeeze up some exposed building - but damn it's worth it for that view!

Peep Kris' new video, Carry Your Weight: