Reflections on 2016 & What's To Come

2016 was quite the year, am I right? A lot happened in the world that just took a lot out of all of us (and will for years to come.) For me, the year wasn't necessarily amazing or awful. It was tough. There was a move, lots of trips, big projects at work and on the blog, wedding planning, house hunting (ahhh!), CrossFitting, cuddling with nephew and bulldog, and lots of other things to take care of in between. 

This is the first year I've truly, truly felt like an adult. We did lots of adult thangs this year, and I could feel my perspectives and attitudes maturing too. Things that used to bring me joy - like shopping mindlessly, posting excessively on social media, and eating hella bad food - just don't anymore. New things - some exciting, most mundane - bring me joy now. Like the magic of Christmas (now known as the season we got engaged), cuddling Spike, getting rid of things that just don't fit my life anymore, and paying off my debt. 

I cannot say enough good things about Stratejoy's Holiday Council. I'm sure I'd be lost if not for this reflection and goal-setting process. Holiday Council forced me to find the good in this year alongside the learning opportunities, which helped me release what doesn't serve me and pave the way to set my 2017 theme and goals.

I want to finish my vision board before I talk about my theme and goals for the year. I know I haven't shared as much of my life as often as I used to, but I'm ready to do that again. In the meantime, here are a few random thoughts to help sum up my 2016:

  1. All anyone wants to ask about is wedding planning. Which is fine, but feels like such a small part of my life I am always surprised by it. Maybe I just want the big day to speak for itself? It's going to be amazing, I promise.
  2. Getting - and staying on - the fitness wagon is hard. The working out is not hard. I always love challenging my body. It's fighting the urge to make it an option in my daily schedule rather than a priority. Working to make that a thing again.
  3. All anyone wants to ask about is Iceland. Which is cool too, but y'all. I LOVED London. Ask me more about that.
  4. Reading is super fun. I really forced myself to read 50 books this year in the Goodreads Reading Challenge - and I did it! I love my nightly habit of trying to read 50 pages, and I've read a great variety of subjects. Best of all, I'm helping break my awful 'staring at my phone' habit.
  5. Discernment & abundance. I'm learning every day that being very discerning about how you're spending your time - and with whom - will lead to the right kind of abundance. Have the grace to step away from things that don't deserve your time and energy.
  6. Never hold back. Another lesson I've learned time and time again is to always speak my truth. Sometimes people ain't ready for it, but that's not for me to deal with. I gain nothing from holding myself back.
  7. Gratitude, grace, and generosity are a well of inspiration. When shit hits the fan - when your team, your Ronda or your Hillary are getting smacked - it's real easy to resort to pettiness and blame - or to go to a dark place where negativity and pessimism take over. Trying to find the gratitude, grace and the opportunities to be more generous have helped bring me back to my anchor. Who and what am I thankful for, and how can I let them know? What can I give to others in need?
From  The Art of Living , one of my favorite reads this year

From The Art of Living, one of my favorite reads this year

Looking forward to a masterful and prosperous 2017 - oh, and marrying my best friend!