High School Reflections

High school is like a high-speed train. While on the train, you meet many lovely people and some crumby, but both provide you with valuable lessons. You have great conversations with those few great people. You learn a thing or two, but then before you know it, you see the sidecar doors open, beckoning you to exit. You must not loiter because life won’t wait for you to be ready, so you trade tearful exchanges with those who you met on the trip.  The trip may not have been your favorite, but you take it for what it is and leave hoping to cross paths with others soon again. What you learned on this high speed-train is valuable, but it is only valuable in the way you use it.

On September 1st, I walked onto my high school’s campus for the first day of school, for the last time, commencing my senior year. Looking back at my time spent in high school, I don’t think it would be the same if I didn’t have the desire to focus on my passion, the circle of friends I have and knowing how impermanent high school is.

Kids my age that know what they want to do with their future and are realistic about getting there are few and far between. I can remember when I was in 8th grade, I was very curious about the music business. And after job shadowing and connecting with many insightful people in Seattle’s music scene, I became completely enthralled and motivated to support. I’m so thankful for these continuing opportunities because it has given me the drive and the focus I need to work hard in school and not feel lost or pressured to decide on something before I actually know what I love.


Less is more they say, and that couldn’t be more true in high school on the topic of friends. I’ve had the same 2 or 3 solid friends in middle and high school and it’s been the biggest blessing because of the bond you create, but best of all, you are almost guaranteed to steer clear of insignificant conflicts that would happen if you try and please many different people. Like Jess and Thoreau say, “Simplify, simplify, simplify.”

In the public education of high school you get 720 school days in session, which may seem like a long time, but those who’ve graduated and those who are seniors now, know how fast it truly feels.  I can recall many orientations by upper classmen that talked about how quickly high school goes by, while classmates live like high school will last forever, and that’s something that I have always kept in the back of mind when debating whether or not to invest in an activity that will only last during my time in high school. When you face the end of your time in high school it’s at the same time bittersweet because you have to leave some of the best friendships you’ve known since you were little, but at the same time the end also calls for exciting new adventures in finding who you are.

All in all, high school can be a great few years, if you find your circle, realize your focus and know how impermanent high school is.

Hello, I’m Emma Eekhoff. I’m a 17-year-old that would rather be networking for business than at a party with my high school friends. I’m not afraid to share my stance on something, whether it is an art form like music or recent events in the world. I’ve been writing in a journalist setting for only a few years, through my high school’s online newspaper, The Growl Online or for a music blog. I love to connect and network with new people in the worlds of business and music, travel to new places and eat new interesting foods. 

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