Hangin' Tough at Levitas Studio

"Antiiii gravityyyy...." (Brandon Boyd voice)

Do you have a fitness or adventure bucket list that's full of stuff you want to try? I love switching up my workouts and trying new ways to sweat, but sometimes the fear of the unknown gets to me. Antigravity yoga and trapeze have long been on my list. I dreamed of doing graceful moves while suspended in or flying through air. Not sure if I was the picture of grace, but Levitas Studio invited me in recently to give antigravity yoga a shot - and I loved it!

Antigravity yoga is both challenging and relaxing; restorative for your muscles, nerves and digestive system too. You know how in hot yoga, your goal for your first time is just to stay in the heated class the whole time? With antigravity, your goal is to not to get too dizzy or nauseous. I thought, "Oh, I work out every day so I won't feel sick," but that tumbling - slow as it might be - still got to me!

Thankfully, Samantha (Levitas Studio owner) had a ginger chew at the ready for me after class. After my tummy calmed down from the tossing, I thought about how calming it was to be enveloped in the suspended turquoise fabric. It really is like stretching in a cocoon. An hour's worth of poses left me energized the rest of the day, and surprisingly sore the next. 

If you're looking for a spot to expand your workout regimen, head downtown to Levitas Studio. Thanks Samantha & Corinna for having me!