Seattle! Pick the Perfect Tree at Swansons Nursery

Christmas spirit has a full hold on me this year. Even though it's a short holiday season, I'm making the most of it and doing it big. This, of course, includes getting a Christmas tree. Growing up, I never put a whole lot of thought into our tree. It was just a family tradition to go and get a tree. I lost track of that when I left for college & started that apartment dweller life. Some years I was too busy to get my own tree, and when I did manage to get one, the experience was stressful and rushed.

Enter Swansons Nursery's!

Swansons is catering to those of us who are short on time to look for the perfect tree. The process is simple: just use #HeySwansons on the Swansons Nursery Twitter, Facebook page or Instagram to let the team know what your perfect tree looks like. They'll work with you via social media to pick your tree, then reserve it for you to come pick up from the Nursery within the next day. 

We used the service for the first time last year, and I loved how easy it was to take a few minutes out of my day & tweet to get my dream tree. This year, I worked with Swansons to choose an 8' Silver Fir, a classic, full style that plays to the tall ceilings in our loft.

Picking up our tree was a great excuse to head out to Swansons, and if you haven't been, you should! It's magical during the holidays. There are reindeer and everything! We stopped for hot chocolate and walked among the beautiful wreaths, poinsettias and breathed in the intoxicating smell of pine amongst all the trees. I don't know how Swansons does it, but the trees they source are like the Kendall Jenners & Gigi Hadids of Christmas trees! So tall, stunning and perfect.

Thank you Swansons for making our holidays complete!