The Hood Famous Bake Shop Pop-Up: Review by Emma Eekhoff

I remember the first time I devoured one of Chera’s ube cheesecakes after the launch of the Hood Famous Bake Shop at Uwajimaya; my excitement was through the roof because the previous time I had enjoyed a slice was about a year past. I recall popping the plastic dome from the cake, and peeling the paper back that separated the cake from my spoon, then to gingerly slide my spoon into the vibrant purple cheesecake only to be even more amazed by the smooth, sweet cheesecake made with love.

Hood Famous Bakeshop Ube Donuts

The Hood Famous Bake Shop is now celebrating their first birthday, and what better way than to bake Filipino-inspired treats for the community that has supported them through these last 12 months. This was the HFBS’s 3rd pop-up bake sale, and word had been received that this was the place to be. Refresh Desserts hosted the bake sale. When I had arrived with my mom, about an hour and a half after the opening, the frozen yogurt shop was packed, everyone buzzing with excitement to gobble some sweets from the HFBS.

Hood Famous Bakeshop sign

Whether you were a new-comer or closely acquainted with Chera Amlag and Janelle Quibuyen, who operates the social media side of the HFBS and works on most of the visual art for the business, as you walked through the doors, you received the warmest of “hello’s” from the two women; they make you feel so valued and welcomed by this exchange of greetings. I know this is somewhat of a general occurrence when stepping into someone’s business, but with them it feels so genuine and authentic; they are just as excited for you to join them as you are to eat their desserts.

Hood Famous Bake Shop Chera Janelle

Now a year later, the online bakery has expanded immensely, introducing new flavors like White Chocolate Guava, Mango Calmansi and Buko Pandan flavored cakes. Also working with food delivery sites like Lish and Uber Eats, bringing their kind-heartedness to your doorstep. The desserts that took over the Seattle food scene can be found at Kraken Congee in Pioneer Square and Seattle’s largest Asian Market, Uwajimaya, and other markets like Seafood City and the Asian Food Center.

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