Support Luc & the Lovingtons' The Goodness Tour 2015!

Good people doing good thangs is what keeps my world goin' round! Please support Luc & the Lovingtons on The Goodness Tour 2015.

So what's the Goodness Tour? It's music and art for people facing adversity. Last year, Luc & the Lovingtons embarked on a tour of free concerts at shelters and tent cities up and down the West Coast. Not only did they go completely ticketless to play for the people they wanted to reach most, but the support they received in fundraising left them with more than enough to cover the costs of the tour.

They're doing it all again, and need your help!

In addition to the music, band member/painter Benjamin Swatez is doing live painting during the shows, inviting concertgoers to join in. We got the chance to see them off in a fun, intimate show at the TK Artist Lofts in Pioneer Square last weekend, and I loved how the live painting drew kids and adults alike into the show.

The band is currently on The Goodness Tour, which goes through November 8th with 21+ shows from Seattle to San Diego. Head over to The Goodness Tour gofundme to support now!

"The Goodness Tour's goal is to become more than just a tour," rather a conscious organization that creates a replicable model and platform for musicians and artists to provide their gifts as a therapeutic tool to people facing extreme hardship.