Fresh Ride: Toyota Highlander
look at the Highlander. *Note: All Highlander photos are courtesy of Toyota. The Toyota Highlander 2014 Highlander out for a spin along the central California coast. The Toyota Highlander is both a the city and into the beautiful central California coast for a peek into the SUV life. Toyota Fresh Ride: Toyota Highlander toyota Back in December, I spent a couple of days in Carmel Valley and Monterey with Toyota to take the Test driving the Toyota Highlander in the beautiful central California coast. one. Thanks so much for having me, Toyota! Peep more details on the 2014 Highlander at
Ridin' Fresh in the Toyota Corolla 2014
Ridin' Fresh in the Toyota Corolla 2014 media contacts, many of whom I would never have otherwise. The Toyota team treated us to quite the toyota Project. At the EMP, Toyota pulled out all the stops for a full visual presentation of the new Corolla in my entire life. Though it was borderline like a foreign language, it was clear Toyota pushed living, but I did get to take the new Toyota Corolla 2014 for a couple of weeks ago for my blog and that's almost the same thing. Toyota hosted a regional preview of the latest editions of the Corolla
Fresh Ride: Chevy Volt
While my Toyota Highlander adventures brought me to central California, I also had the opportunity
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