Consulting Services

Last year, I decided to leave the corporate and agency world to forge a path all my own. The other arm of Fresh Jess Media includes consulting services from an experienced, multi-faceted marketing professional.

What can I help with?

Social media strategy
Creating an online brand presence goes far beyond setting up a Facebook page. I help brands & organizations alike put some serious thought into their social media, developing strategies for how, when, why and where to spend their time sharing content and engaging online. I also partner with various types of agencies to help bring a fresh social strategist perspective to their clients.

From website and creative copy to articles and thorough editing, I can bring your stories, campaigns and ideas to life through writing that's thoughtful and consistent with your brand's tone, voice and marketing goals.

While sponsored posts, giveaways and reviews are available via Fresh Jess, I am also open to regular and guest contributions on your company blog or website. I can also consult you on curating and writing meaningful content for your blog readers. Together we'll create an overall blog strategy with a content calendar to help you plan for consistent posts.

Need a speaker for your next conference, seminar or panel discussion? I bring experience in public speaking to the table, with expertise in social media, networking, blogging, personal branding and marketing/PR in the digital space.

I also offer workshops for businesses and organizations who want a crash course in social media, networking, blogging, personal branding and marketing/PR in the digital space. Let's get together for an hour or three and get your team equipped with the tools they need to be successful!

For more information and pricing, email me at and let's get talking!

Recommendations available on my LinkedIn profile.

Speaking on the Microsoft Surface for Microsoft and Edelman at the pop-up Microsoft Store in NYC's Times Square:

Speaking for Kreate Connect: "If you had to recommend one tool outside of the 'Big 5' platforms, what would you recommend a small business get on board in their efforts?" (Big 5 - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn)"

Working with Google+ to host a Hangout on Air: