Spring Cleanse Starts March 20th. Join Us?

I feel like we just wrapped up the Resolution Challenge, and here we are! The Spring Cleanse starts March 20th, and if you're looking for some reprieve from the late winter blahs and indulgences, we invite you to join us! I've been piling up the excuses and bad choices lately and I'm definitely ready.

Over the 2-week program you’ll take daily steps toward a more balanced, glowing and energized you. You’ll learn the importance of a plant-powered, whole foods diet, how to safely implement juicing + understand how food influences your mindset + motivation (behold! the power on your plate!)

The program includes:

// orientation guide + orientation weekend starting March 20th

// in Seattle? Your enrollment also includes our nutrition workshops + community workout on 3/21!

// the two-week Spring Cleanse, complete with meal plans, over 50 delicious recipes + grocery lists. Gluten-free, organic, and vegan. Carnivorous? The program will show you how to add in animal proteins with ease.

// daily coaching emails to keep you inspired + connected to your goal

// 3 glowFIT workouts + workout calendar

// motivation + support through our online community, email support

What will you get out of the Spring Cleanse?

  • healthy digestion
  • glowing skin
  • increased energy + strengthened immunity
  • improved sleep patterns + quality
  • weight loss
  • reduced inflammation
  • mental clarity + brain power!
  • development of healthy habits + consistency
  • positive mindset + new like-minded friends

I may stray and fall off the healthy eating wagon from time to time, but I always come back. Hope you can join us!