Aces Interview: Kelly Clay

The interview series I started last month during 30Fresh has resonated so well with readers that I've decided to extend the series indefinitely! From now on, these interviews will be a look into the lifestyle of people I admire who are doing amazing things for their community and world. To see all of these interviews, look for the Aces tag.

Today in Aces, meet one a great inspiration to me and one of my current series of power women interviews - Kelly Clay!

I'd followed Kelly's work for Lockergnome for some time, and finally met her early last year. Kelly was instrumental in giving me the confidence to pursue freelance life. She and I would meet for coffee every few weeks to talk about successes and struggles we were having in our respective careers, and help each other work through them. She's given me some solid advice in budgeting, finding work and just getting the confidence to put yourself out there.

Kelly left Lockergnome early last year in favor of freelance writing and consulting projects. She's currently a regular contributor to Forbes on tech and social media news, while holding down the digital communications strategist role at HasOffers. Kelly's hustle and hard work in improving all aspects of her life continue to inspire me today. I feel that it's only a matter of time before she really takes off!

What's on your playlist right now?

I've been really digging Rihanna, Macklemore, Calvin Harris and Justin Timberlake lately (just to name a few!) The last few weeks I've been also been really addicted to the Great Gatsby soundtrack. It's a really versatile mix with great beats that's perfect for both getting heads-down and digging deep into analytics or writing a blog post, and also for hitting the gym or going for a run.



Describe your style.

I like to keep things casual but collected. After working from home for three years, I had little inspiration to barely get dressed, let alone with any concept of style. I've started to adopt some trends inject some color into my closet...and I might have a bit of an obsession with Pinterest now, too.

Who inspires you?

People who aren't afraid to take risks, who do what people say can't be done, who go against the grain, and who actually walk their talk. I've been deeply inspired by other local young women like Joanna Lord, Kate Matsudaira and Jenni Hogan who are paving their own path and taking giant leaps to follow their dreams.

What are you reading?

I'm still trying to finish Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In, and just read The Great Gatsby with my book club. (We then watched the movie this past weekend - and to be honest, I'm still not sure which I liked better!)

What are you most excited about in the coming months? 

Over the past year I moved out of the city, lost 45 pounds, went from freelancing to working full-time and recently ended a two year relationship. Now I'm focusing more on me, so I've started working with a personal trainer to focus on getting as healthy as I can be and am starting to learn how to treat my body better, including eliminating not just my allergens but also sugar, caffeine, and alcohol from my diet. It's easier than I anticipated…I just have to get a little creative sometimes, plan before I go out with friends, and really resist peer pressure. (And trust me.... saying "no" to friends is *way* harder than saying "no" to the wine / coffee / mac'n'cheese itself.)

Thank you!

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