Fresh & Dapper: Mr. Porter's The Way I Dress

Fashionable men might be a dime a dozen in the streets of New York, but outside of the Big Apple, it is truly a treat to see a man with impeccable style. Mr. Porter checks in with some of the most dapper of them all, featuring them in "The Way I Dress" vignettes. I loved these all so much I have to post them all.

See how style makes Joshua Kissi (blogger at Street Etiquette, below), Nick Sullivan (Esquire magazine editor), Amir Khan (Olympic & world champion boxer) & Derek Blasberg (writer) command a presence in whatever their next endeavor. While some men might not take fashion seriously, these four definitely make the case for style as self-expression, confidence-boosting, and a means for having fun.

Keep an eye on Mr. Porter for more dapper gents in their "The Way I Dress" series and other exciting videos.