Four-Eyed Fashion: Rivet & Sway

I've worn glasses since I was ten years old. For as long as I can remember, the process of shopping for a new pair of eye glasses was overwhelming. The search for the perfect pair could take weeks, and the wait for filling the prescription and getting the frames fitted then shipped to you could be weeks longer. 

Rivet & Sway is a Seattle-based website that's looking to help change the long-standing tradition of trudging through the eyewear shopping process. John and team have put a lot of care into designing a light, fun site that makes it easy for women to shop for frames that fit not only their face, but their lifestyle and personality as well. 

Their process is simple; browse the site, choose up to three pairs that appeal to you, give them a trial run at home, then order the one you want in your current prescription. The site is stocked with advice for you on: face shape, color, frame size, and example photos that let you swivel the model's head for a complete view of each frame.

Rivet & Sway invited me to a preview party last month, where R&S friends, family, fans and bloggers got to try on all of the different styles and take one home. I was looking for some Harry Potter-inspired round frames, but ended up with the Ruby Red. These babies came to me within maybe four business days! What do you think?