Fresh Eats: Luisa Taqueria

Filipino & Mexican food? Sign me up!

Luisa Taqueria on Beacon Hill marries my cultural food with my favorite food to eat when I'm out. As you can see by the photos below, it's a tiny, no-nonsense space on Beacon Ave S & 15th. My friend and fellow Filipina-American, Madeline, first told me about this place, and met me there for lunch last week. 

Luisa Taqueria is owned by the same family who runs Inay's Filipino restaurant just a couple of doors down. You don't see a lot of Filipino restaurants out there, so it's always a little extra important for me to support them. Madeline and I had a delicious meal and the team there was so friendly to us - even gave us a couple of empanadas to try! 

I had: pork adobo, carne asada & carnitas tacos. They were destroyed :)

Luisa carries Mexican Coke, Mexican Sprite and other very very delicious Mexican beverages. Also, longanisa in the breakfast burrito? This I need to try next!

These empanadas were huge and so tasty!

I am not kidding you when I tell you this is the best horchata I've ever had.

L to R: pork adobo, carnitas & carne asada tacos

Close-up of the pork adobo, post-first bite. YUM

If you're ever in Beacon Hill, definitely grab a bite at Luisa Taqueria.